Yummy Chatter

Here are some Yummy tidbits (even photos!) from readers and fellow bloggers during the past week.

About my Caramel Apple post:

In the photo below, 5-year-old Zoe is showing off a caramel apple she made with her aunt (and my good friend) Sandy and another 5-year-old friend, Annie. Sandy shared this photo along with news of a fun time making 30 caramel apples with two five-year-olds. That's a lot of caramel apples. And some happy, sticky little girls. LOVE that photo. Thanks, Sandy!

Zoe with apple


About my pesto post:

Below are two fun Yummy friends, Judy and Judy. I've known them for years, but haven't seen them in, well, WAY too long. We live in different parts of the country. These photos were taken in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Yummy Life has reconnected me with old long-time friends like the Judys. I loved getting these photos last week and seeing one of my recipes being put to the test.

Here's a photo of them with the recipe and result. Yay! You did it!


Their hubbies even got involved. Claude wrestled with a giant basil plant, and Larry helped him de-leaf it.

basil plant  hubbies

They made 3 batches of pesto and froze it in labeled Ziplocs. Just like mine.
I'm feeling very proud about now.

mixing    ziploc

This photo says it all. HAPPY EVERYTHING! That's sure how these photos made me feel. Love you two. Thanks so much for sharing your pesto making with me across the miles.

Judys final


Mouth watering recipes from other bloggers:

There simply aren't enough days in the week to try all of the great recipes that I come across. These are some recipes that look particularly delicious. I'm anxious to try them all. In the meantime, here are their links in case you'd like to add any of these to your fall cooking plans. 

Cranberry upside down cake from KitchenSimplicity.com. Beautiful and festive. And pretty darn easy to make. Looks like a delicious winner to me.

Pumpkin bread or muffins from KeepItSweet.com. She makes bread and muffins in one batch. There are pepitas on top of the muffins. I love pepitas!

Garlic mashed potatoes from SimplyRecipes.com. One of my favorite sides from one of my favorite food blogs. Can't go wrong with her recipes.

Egg and chorizo breakfast tacos from OilAndButter.com. I am a taco girl. Tacos for breakfast--better yet! Start the day out with something spicy, and it's sure to be a good day.

That's all for this week.

To my Yummy readers and fellow bloggers, thanks for the great ideas and photos. And, thanks for visiting my blog and joining the conversation. 

Make it a yummy day!

Posted on Sunday, November 7th, 2010

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