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At The Yummy Life, we respect your personal information and privacy and do everything, within reason, to prevent personal information from being disseminated without your consent.

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Collected Information
You are free to read the Yummy Life without sharing any personally identifiable information with us. If you choose to leave a comment, you can do so without logging in, or by loggin in through a third party authentication system.

If you don't log in:
If you choose not to log in, we collect your name, email, and optionally a website URL. We may verify that you actually control the email address you enter, but you are under no obligation to use your real name. Your name and website are the only pieces of personally identifiable information that are published, so you can remain anonymous if you don't enter real information in those fields.

If you log in:
If you use a third party system to log in, we will collect information from them including your email, name, and photo. By default, we will display your name and photo when you leave a comment. You have complete control over your profile, so if you don't want to use your real name or photo, you can change those from your profile settings. You can also enter additional information about yourself on your profile if you'd like to share more information publicly with the rest of the community.

When you leave a comment on The Yummy Life, it will be published on the website, and anyone can access it. Your comments may be moderated by staff at The Yummy Life. Comments are not considered to be personally identifiable information, but they will be displayed with your name above them.

You are never required to provide The Yummy Life with any personal information, but without the information detailed above, you will not be able to take advantage of some of our features, such as commenting.

The Yummy Life also collects usage data and statistics about its users' behavior and visitor information (browser, operating system, etc.) for the purposes of improving the product and service we provide, but this data is for internal use only is and is never shared.

As a company, we are dedicated to keeping your personally identifiable information out of the hands of unauthorized viewers. We will always use the utmost discretion with your information, and we will never provide this information to any third party without your express consent, except in cases where:
  • The Yummy Life is compelled by law to provide the information or the information is required to facilitate investigation of illegal activities
  • The Yummy Life determines it necessary in order to preserve the safety of our users, employees, or the general public at large
  • The user's actions are deemed in violation of our content policies

Your Data's Location and Ownership

The Yummy Life uses third-party vendors/hosting partners to provide the hardware, networking, storage, and other technology needed to run the site. The Yummy Life, however, owns the code, databases, and the blog application. Any content you contribute to the site is owned by The Yummy Life.

If you would like us to remove any content you have posted on The Yummy Life, you can email us at info@theyummylife.com and we will try to accomodate you, although we are under no obligation to do so, and we make more promises about the speed or effectiveness with which we execute your request.

Because we store your information in multiple locations, including redundant back-ups, your information may remain on our servers if you make any changes.


The Yummy Life, like many online services, requires the use of cookies to operate. Cookies are small pieces of data from our system that is stored on your hard drive, and contain anonymous identifiers. We use these cookies to record session information, and they do not represent a threat to your personal information's security.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@theyummylife.com. We will attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.

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