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Thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by The Yummy Life. I love hearing from you! Your comments provide ideas and inspiration for me and all who visit. So glad you're a part of the Yummy community.

Just sharing a few yummy tidbits today . . .


Your are invited to a Peanut Butter Party!

My blogger friend, Lauren of Keep It Sweet, has compiled 28 great recipes from the blogging world--all of them use peanut butter as a main ingredient. (Thanks to Lauren for including one of my recipes.)

Click here to check out the yummy peanut butter recipes:


A Yummy Read

I shared awhile back that I've been in a Book Club for 25+ years, and I love to read. We just finished reading The Paris Wife by Paula McCain.

The book is historical fiction about the 1st wife of Ernest Hemingway. I loved it--a great story and great read. A real page turner. I recommend reading the background information and viewing the photos of the real-life characters in the book on The Paris Wife website, too. It's all based on factual events that are pretty fascinating. If you like historic fiction, that is. And I do.

If you do read the book, it's fun to follow it up by seeing Woody Allen's new movie, Midnight in Paris--it has many of the same characters and places that you get to know in the book (completely different plots, though). It's pure coincidence that they came out around the same time, but fun to enjoy them together. The movie is still in a few theatres in St. Louis; but it's been out for awhile, so it won't be around much longer. I'm sure DVDs are on the way, though.

Have you read any good books this summer? If so, please share in the comments section below. I'm always looking for my next good read.


New printable  PESTO recipes for you!


I've been spending some time looking back at some of my first posts. (The 1 year anniversary of The Yummy life is right around the corner!) When I first launched this blog, I didn't have a print feature for my recipes. Because my garden overfloweth with basil right now and I've been making and freezing pesto, I've got pesto recipes on my mind. So, I went back and created printable recipes for these oldies but goodies. Check them out. If you haven't made your own pesto yet, here's a long list of reasons/recipes why you should.

From my 8-30-2010 post, 
Pesto--How to Make It and Freeze It

  • Classic Basil Pesto (I made this one printable awhile ago; but all of the recipes below start with this basic recipe, so I'm linking to it first)


From my 9-3-2010 post,
8 Fast & Easy Appetizers with Pesto


From my 9-6-2010 post,
Pesto for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Two more recent recipes that were already printable, just to complete the list:


Leave a comment below, and share any good books you've read this summer. What should I read next?

Make it a yummy day!

Posted on Monday, August 1st, 2011

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