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Good Earth Tea Giveaway
Winners and Results

(Giveaway Deadline was 3 pm CST, June 14) 


Congratulations to these 6 Giveway winners (they were chosen from 31 entries via a random number generator). Each will receive a free box of Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy Tea from me. Here are the winners and their comments about their favorite summer tea or cold beverage:

  • Kathleen - I love tea, especially raspberry tea. Would love to try this tea. I plan on using your recipes for the multitude of teas in your last post!
  • Christel - I like very cold ice tea with a slice of lime! If I can't get that, raspberry tea is a great alternative.
  • Shreela - Celestial Seasonings Fruit Sampler is what I always buy. I use one fruit tea bag along with one family-sized Luzianne, with 1/2 tsp Truvia. I also enjoy hibiscus tea, but it's so sour I have to sweeten a lot more than my normal teas, including some real sugar to offset the Truvia taste from using so much of it LOL.
  • Carmen - I love just plain black sun tea. No sugar, please.
  • Kelly - Homemade lemonade is my fav :)
  • Melissa - Fresh strawberry lemonade is my favorite in the summer!

Please email me your addresses ASAP (monica@theyummylife.com), so I can get your tea in the mail. (I need to hear from you within 48 hours; otherwise, another winner will be selected.)


THANKS to all my yummy readers who entered the contest, left comments, and shared the Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, and Stumpleupon! 

I loved reading about your favorite summer drinks. Here's a compiled list:

  • Lindsey -ginger ale made with real ginger
  • Mary - Blueberry Hibiscus from Republic of Tea; any of Celestial Seasonings Zinger teas (Lemon, Raspberry, Wild Berry, etc.)
  • Janna - Spring Grove Soda Sour Lomon, really, really cold.
  • Sara -lychee iced tea 
  • Barbara- sangria, a bay leaf being the secret ingredient.
  • Merideth - Cranberry Spritzer-  Ice, real cranberry juice, tonic, some 7up/sprite and several lime wedges squeezed in.
  • Bev -  ice water with a little bit of lime in it.
  • Diana -  fruity iced teas with berries and ginger; plain cold water with a hearty squeeze of lemon.
  • Christine - mint iced tea
  • Acme- ice cold seltzer with freshly squeezed lemon; hibiscus syrup to mixed with seltzer for a sweet summer drink
  • Shumaila - pina coladas!
  • Kacy - ice cold mint tea brewed with fresh mint leaves
  • Sarah Elizabeth - green jasmine pearl tea
  • Danielle & Catharine -  fresh watermelon juice, no sugar
  • Gennie - Thai Iced Tea! 
  • Suzanne - sweet tea
  • Rachel - Odwalla's pomegranate limeade and my grandmother's version of Good Earth iced tea
  • Ashley -  Tazo Zen tea with a splash of mint simple syrup, iced
  • Sara -  horchata!
  • Steffani - REALLY sweet iced tea
  • Megan - simple iced tea with lemon

Now I'm thirsty and anxious to try your thirst-quenching drink suggestions. I'll be sipping my way through them this summer. Thanks to you all!

Make it a yummy day!

Posted on Thursday, June 16th, 2011

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