Super Bowl - The morning after

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is over, and we Cheeseheads are a happy group today. (Sympathies to Steelers fans.) King-Man and I attended a party and took along some food to share--many of those recipes are shared in past posts. I've linked to them below, just in case you missed them.

As excited as we were about the outcome of the game, the cutie-pie baby pictured below was the main event at our party. This is King-Man with one-week-old Caleb, sharing some Cheesehead love. (Truth is, Caleb slept through the entire game.)

ron w. Caleb  Caleb

It may not surprise you to hear that Caleb got a lot of attention during the Super Bowl. The ratio of 8 adults to one baby insured that. Baby Cheesehead got passed around more than Aaron Rodgers' football. We all had fun holding this cute little bundle. Caleb is the grandson of our long-time friends Steve and Sandy and our new friends Mike and Sue. Mommy Becca and Daddy Jason are a bit sleep deprived, but had their wits about them enough to dress Caleb in Packer's garb for Game Day. Unfortunately, Caleb did his baby thing and spit up all over his Packer's outfit before the game had even started; he did a thorough job of it and had to change into different clothes. But, he still represented our team in his head gear and socks. There was one Steelers fan in the bunch (you know who you are!), but we're feeling pretty confident that Caleb's early indoctrination as a Packers fan is intact.


Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Like the rest of the SB viewers, we enjoyed the ads almost as much as the game. My favorites were:

1.  The Darth Vader / Volkswagon ad - LOVED that ad. Anybody who's ever had a little boy--especially during the Star Wars age--can relate to this. So cute.


2. The Bud Light Dog ad - There were laughs all the way through that one. Love the classic poker-playing dogs at the end.


What was your favorite ad? Let me know in the comments section below. Everybody seems to have an opinion on this topic!


Here's the food I contributed to the Super Bowl Party.

  • Dipped Oreo football cookies. I did these at the last minute, so there isn't a previous post about them. It's so easy to do this quickly with any cookies. Dunk half of them in melted baking chips and add sprinkles with colors that fit the occasion. Walmart had these Oreos shaped like footballs--so perfect for the Super Bowl, dipped and sprinkled with Packers and Steelers team colors.

football cookies

That may seem like a lot of food for 8 people. But, that wasn't all. Everyone else brought food, too. It was quite a feast. We ate way too much. And, there was beer involved. We are Cheeseheads, after all. Beer is required.


Make it a yummy day!

Posted on Monday, February 7th, 2011

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