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Fall Decorating
These are long enough to easily tie them in bundles for use in decorating.
If you can't find it at your grocery store, you can order it here.
If you don't have access to real acorns, these are an authentic looking substitute. You can store them and reuse year after year.
I normally buy these fresh at the grocery store, but a benefit of the artificial ones is that won't rot and can be used year after year.
These can be scattered to provide a colorful base for the other decorations.

Easy Fall Decor

Natural & inexpensive ideas for decorating your home throughout the fall holiday season

Fall decorating ideas

I love autumn colors and decorations. In early October each year, I make a few purchases at the grocery store and quickly decorate my house with inexpensive decorations that will last throughout the fall season. I primarily use pumpkins, gourds, cinnamon sticks & Indian corn to decorate my windowsills, entryway, and mantel. They're colorful & festive, and they can be used for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

In a previous post, I mentioned a big party we had where we served a buffet dinner. Here's how I decorated the windowsill behind the buffet table:

Fall decorating ideas

First I folded some gold/brown colored cloth napkins in half to make a triangle. This was the base for my windowsill decorations. I combined different arrangements of corn, pumpkins, gourds, and candles.

Fall decorating ideas

Here's a simple glass vase filled with miniature pumpkins and acorns. I purchased a box of artificial wooden acorns at Target. Nuts in their shell also work well in place of the acorns. Hazelnuts are a good choice, if available. Grocery stores often carry bags of mixed nuts in the shell at this time of year. Those are a good addition, too. (see how I used mixed nuts in a pumpkin centerpiece in this post)

view on Amazon: artificial acorns , artificial gourds & pumpkins

Fall centerpiece decorating ideas

I stuck some miniature Indian corn in a small drinking glass. This gives some height to the arrangement.

Fall decorating ideas

Here's another arrangement along the windowsill.

Fall decorating ideas

I stuck branches of preserved leaves in a glass vase. The pine cones are glue-gunned onto sticks--often you can buy them this way at stores that carry dried and artificial supplies for flower arrangements.

Fall decorating ideas

Cinnamon Sticks. Bundles of cinnamon sticks make fragrant, festive fall decor. These are tied together with raffia. When you're through using the cinnamon as decorations, you can rinse them off and use them to flavor cider or hot chocolate.   view cinnamon sticks on Amazon

Fall decorating with cinnamon sticks

You can add some height to an arrangement by elevating mini pumpkins and gourds with pedestal glasses or dishes (wine glasses, ice cream dishes, mini truffle dishes, etc.). In the following two photos, I've elevated a mini pumpkin and gourd by resting them in some antique sherbet pedestal dishes that I found at my friend Meda's antique shop.

Fall decorating ideas

Fall decorating ideas

Indian Corn.  I used to struggle with how to use Indian corn in arrangements. It's awkward to lay it down horizontally. Placing it upright in vases & baskets makes it more visible and adds some height variety to the arrangement.  view Indian Corn on Amazon

Decorating with Indian Corn

Here's a grouping in the windowsill. The glass vase holds full size Indian corn.

Fall decorating ideas

Here's more Indian corn in a vase, with pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and acorns at the base. This arrangement is in our entry way:

Fall decorating ideas with Indian corn

I put this basket of Indian corn next to our fireplace. Stems of dried berries are mixed in:

Fall decorating ideas with Indian corn

At our dinner party, I placed these small arrangements (candle, mini pumpkin or gourd, leaves, acorns) in the center of each of 4 small round tables. The candles and velvet leaves are from World Market.

view artificial autumn leaves on Amazon

Fall decorating ideas with candles

Fall decorating ideas with candles

I did splurge on some fresh sunflowers for our party. They're one of my favorite flowers, and they brightened up the buffet table.

Fall decorating ideas with sunflowers

All of the other decorations will last and can be left out until it's time to decorate for Christmas. Festive, easy, and inexpensive.

Fall decorating ideas

Make it a Yummy day!

Want to make this decor HALLOWEENish?
Easy! Just incorporate some spider webs, plastic spiders, or other goulish decor.
When Halloween is over, remove those items and the remaining fall decor wil get you through Thanksgiving.

For another easy FALL decorating idea, check out this post:

Easy Fall Popcorn Votive Candles
Fall votive candle

This post was updated September 2014.

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Posted on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

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