Hydrogen Peroxide--More Tips

I received a couple of great tips from readers in response to my post Hydrogen Peroxide Is An Earth-Friendly, All-Purpose Cleaner. 

You may recall this photo. I suggested that you transfer a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) to a spray bottle. 

hyd per

Tip #1 - A Better Spray Bottle Solution
Because HP becomes ineffective when it is exposed to light (that's why it comes in a dark brown bottle), I recommended storing your HP in a cabinet where it is dark. My mom (aka Grammy) found a better solution.  She cleverly discovered that the sprayer from her spray bottle fit the screw top of her HP bottle perfectly. I tried it with my spray bottle and HP bottle, and she was right--it fit! Here's what my HP bottle looks like now, after attaching the spray head to it:

one bottle

By putting a sprayer top directly on the original brown HP bottle, you can keep the HP from getting exposed to light. If your sprayer is taller than your HP bottle, you may be able to trim off the bottom of the stem that goes down through the liquid to the bottom of the bottle. You'll have to use your judgement about that, depending on the kind/size of your sprayer and the size of your HP bottle. Great tip, Grammy! (More evidence that Momma knows best.) 

Tip #2 - Laundry Stain Removal
Fellow blogger, Sandie at ABloggableLife.com, commented on my HP post with a great tip. She wrote, "Do you know what else hydrogen peroxide is great for? Stain removal. If you ever get blood on clothing, especially denim, it's amazing how hydrogen peroxide works to get out the stain." Wow. Great tip. Thanks, Sandie. 

Here's how I've read to use HP with laundry: Add 1 cup of HP instead of bleach to your whites to whiten them. If there is blood on clothing, apply HP directly to the spot, let it sit a minute, rinse with cold water. Repeat if necessary.

UPDATE & WARNING:  In the comments below, reader Karen says, "Be careful with those clothes! I sprayed HP on a favorite cotton sweater with coffee stains on it and the fabric most certainly 'bleached'." Thanks, to Karen for the warning. Since it's hard to know which fabrics will "bleach" from the HP and which won't, I'm playing it safe and only using it on whites.

Tip #3 - Sanitizing Cutting Boards
Here's a tip I just learned for sanitizing cutting boards with HP to kill salmonella and other bacteria. Rinse off the cutting board with water, pour or spray HP on the cutting board, let it sit a few minutes, rinse it off with water. Clean as a whistle.

Keep those tips coming. My HP Wonder Cleaner keeps getting more WONDERful.

Make it a yummy day!

Posted on Sunday, September 19th, 2010

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