30 Years With King-Man

I’ve been married for 30 years to King-Man. Wow. 30 years. How can I possibly be old enough to have been married 30 years? 

When King-Man and I first met, we were friends with a couple who had been married 7 years. I was 23. 7 years sounded like an eternity to me at the time. And, here we are 30 years and 2 grown sons later.  

All of the worn out clichés about the passage of time are true. The years really do pass in the blink of an eye.

Oh, and the one about everything going South as you age—that one is true, too.
On my body anyway.
Not King-Man’s.  He is thin and fit.
I find that so irritating admirable. 

Here’s a photo of us in Switzerland recently. We were there to celebrate our anniversary.


What you can’t see in the background is the Matterhorn. That’s why we were at this particular spot. To see the Matterhorn. 

The weather was totally, well, awful.

We’ll have to enjoy the Matterhorn via someone else’s photos. ‘Cause it never appeared in ours. 

Oh, but wait.  Here’s one of those touristy shots of us with our traveling companions.
With the Matterhorn in the background!

group Matterhorn

Our group is standing in the exact same spot where King-Man and I are standing in the previous photo. So, I guess we DID see the Matterhorn!

The wonders of Photo Shop.

The guys who took this photo and then sold it to us for about the same price as my first car, used their computer wizardry to give us the scene we’d imagined in the background. In a few years minutes, we’ll forget we didn’t actually see this stunning sight. 

We were there,
we saw it,
we have the proof.

Let me tell you, the Matterhorn is a beautiful sight! 

I should reveal here that King-Man was totally opposed to my purchase of the above photo that was about the same price as my first car. He did not see the wisdom of handing over money for a fake photo.  I bought it anyway. Oh, and I haven’t mentioned the St. Bernards. They were real dogs, but provided as props in the photo.  King-Man thought that was pretty fake, too. I thought they were cute.

This is how this trip memory goes down:
On a bright and sunny day in Switzerland, we saw the Matterhorn.   It was beautiful.  And, these two adorable St. Bernards just happened onto the scene.  It was a perfect day. 

Back to the story. 
Every day we were in Switzerland it rained.  It rained hard. Constantly.
Somehow we had a great time anyway. We:

  • Met great people.
  • Saw breathtaking scenery all over that beautiful country.
  • Ate cheese and chocolate--we had to . . .because, when in Switzerland . . .
  • Marveled at the cowbells that cows in Switzerland actually do wear—who knew?  (We SNL fans couldn’t restrain ourselves from blurting out “More Cowbell!” on occasion.  We had to.) The Swiss love their cows and cowbells.


Isn’t that cute how I cropped the cow photo into a heart? You see, I used to be a Creative Memories Consultant. We love to cut photos into cutsie shapes. We call that creative. King-Man calls it kinda ridiculous. But, once a scrapbooker, always a scrapbooker. I must add the cutsie. Can’t help it. Sorry, King-Man. 

Back to Switzerland, we also,

  • Bought watches and Swiss Army knives—we had to . . . because, when in Switzerland . . . 
  • Marveled at the quaint gingerbready Swiss houses throughout the country—they’re not just there for the post cards shots—they really do live in them—who knew? They looked like this in my drive-by-through-the-window photo (note the grey, stormy sky):

road scene

At the end of the day,
well trip, that is,
it was a fantastic week in spite of the constant torrential rains. 
After 30 years together, I'm grateful that I still love to travel with my King-Man. 

A yummy trip, I guess you could say.
Especially the chocolate part.  That was really yummy. 

Oh, and the beer was good, too. King-Man loves beer. Swiss beer passed the test. I was more focused on the calorie laden food, as usual. 


Cheers to The Yummy Life!

P.S. Have you ever gone on a vacation where it rained the entire time? 

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

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